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After a several-year hiatus from blogging (and home ownership) my husband and I are mere weeks away from closing on our second (and hopefully, final) home. It is our dream home. On this blog I will share our house projects, but more importantly, I will share what makes this house our home. I miss blogging, and I am returning because it was a fun and creative outlet for me. That's not to say I may fall off the Internet map for future hiatuses, but for now, welcome home. :-)

Original "About Me" circa 2010:
My name’s Erin (aka Mrs. C.) and my husband and I were recently married and we just bought our first house on the New England coast. Through this blog I will share our home projects, big and small, as we make this house our home. I have always loved anything related to the beach, along with decorating, crafting, and cooking for as long as I can remember. Heck, I even started subscribing to Martha Stewart Living at 9 years old! Fast-forward 20 years and I have been avidly reading a list of blogs (check out where I blog-roll on the left column of this blog) to get my design fix. These blogs have been an amazing resource and inspiration to me and I hope that my blog can serve as a resource to many other readers out there, too!
Final random tidbits about me:

I love desserts and try to incorporate a smidge of something sweet into each meal.

I just rescued my first dog this past summer. Kaylee is a 7 year old golden retriever and I am beyond obsessed with her. She is beyond obsessed with peanut butter.
I love changing seasons. Pumpkin pie in the fall, clambakes in the summer. Love it all!

Being close to the water can instantly make me happy. Our new house is a 5 minute drive to the beach and downtown Plymouth waterfront. Very different from the past few years we spent living in a city!

I was a teacher for over 5 years and just completed my master’s degree as a Reading Specialist. I love to read and I hope to share some of my book faves on this blog.

My Mom is my best friend.

I am terrified of bees…so much so that I will make a scene and embarrass myself if I spot one near me.

I still love Martha Stewart!

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