First Home Tour

Exterior Before (Summer '10):

Exterior After (Winter '10); Spring '11 Update Coming Soon:

Family Room Before (Summer '10):

Family Room After (Spring '11):

Living Room Before (Summer '10):

Living Room After (Winter '10/11):


Kitchen Before (Summer '10):

Kitchen In Progress (Winter '10/11):

Home Office Before (Summer '10):

 I just couldn't bring myself to take pictures of this room. The paint color was awful and there was a 3x5 foot hot pink and black vinyl sign of the name "Sara" on the wall. That thing was harder to scrape off than wall paper...and I would definitely think twice before glueing something like that to any walls. Now that the room is finally in it's almost after state, I do regret not taking pictures so I can take pride in how happy I am with the room now. Oh well - live and learn.

Home Office In-Progress (Spring '11):

Dining Room Before (Summer '10):

Dining Room After (Fall '10):

Master Bedroom Before (Summer '10):

Master Bedroom After (Fall '10):

Master Bath Before (Summer '10):

Master Bath After (Fall '10):

Guest Bedroom Before (Summer '10):

Guest Bedroom After (Fall '10):

Powder Room Before (Summer '10):

Powder Room After (Fall '10):

Entry Before (Summer '10):

In all of the before picture taking, we focused on snapping room pics and we accidentally overlooked the smaller nooks and I don't have any entry way before pics....but this space wasn't too bad to begin with - just needed a new coat of paint and that was really it.

Entry After (Fall '10):

Basement Before (Summer '10):

Basement After:

Coming Soon!

Guest Bathroom Before:

Guest Bathroom After:

Coming Soon!